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Due to childhood illness, Laura Hudson has been completely bald since she was nine years old. Laura's hair loss is due to Alopecia Universalis, an auto-immune disorder for which there is no cure.

Laura says, "I would have given anything to have someone tell me they understood what I was going through, that it was OK to be different, that if I just hung in there and was strong I would be victorious. It would have made all the difference in the world. I could have been spared so many doubts, questions and fears. Since I didn't have that person, I want to be that person."

Laura Hudson is a motivational speaker and the Marketing Director for Aviv Moon Productions.

Product Submissions

If you would like for me to try your product and review it on my site, please email me prior to sending the product so that I can make sure that it makes it into the queue.  I will blog about it as well as post it on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest.

I am willing to review vegan products, household & kitchen equipment, electronics, book & media, family & kids related items, and health & beauty items. I will not review alcohol or tobacco items.